Welcome to the TCOB Directory

The directory for UK small businesses and some larger ones too.

We list organisations of all shapes and sizes across many sectors, but the vast majority are not multi-national household names but smaller businesses, shops and sole traders that you may not come across so easily on the big search engines.

We want to help make small businesses more visible, highlight those little gems tucked down a side-street, small companies and one-man bands that offer a great product at a great price, but may not be discovered unless you go down several pages of results.

A listing on our directory alone, or anyone else's, isn't going to catapult your website to the top of the search engine results, and may not put your phones into meltdown, but what we do offer is a clutter free advertising medium that is affordable and fair to all.

We offer free basic listings to all approved businesses, which will be categorised and display your name address and telephone number. Or, for a small one-off fee of £30 we offer stand-out Premium Listings on our regional directory pages which are listed above basic listings, display your logo, large text area for your sales message and the display of your website address.

There are no annual renewal fees meaning your listing will remain in the directory for as long as you are in business or such time as you decide you no longer want your ad displaying.

Listings are displayed in descending order of date added/last amended, with premium regional listings appearing above free listings, so keep your listing at or near the top making sure your details are upto date by popping by once in a while to check details and status and let us know of any changes you wish to make.

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About TCOB Directory

The directory was launched 16 years ago and was formerly branded as The Matren Directory on the domain www.matren.co.uk which we still hold but it now redirects here. In 2010 the company was renamed to TCOB Ltd, bringing our collection of services together under a single brand reflecting what we do "Taking Care of Business". In this period we have always offered attractive advertising packages and continue to be amongst the few that offer one-off low fee advertising.

Although it hasn't always been the case, the directory currently does not display any adverts from third party sources such as Google or Bing, or promote any affiliate websites. The sole source of income is therefore through the Premium Listings we sell, which makes for a much cleaner clutter-free website, focuses visitors attention purely on our advertisers, and ensures our continued attention to make sure the directory works for current advertisers and attracts new advertisers. There are no plans to change this model.

Like most online businesses we rely on a presence in search engine results to attract visitors for you and us, and we are not immune to the effects of algorithm changes, but we endeavour to respond when things change by maintaining, modifying and complying with best practice guidelines. Sometimes things are not as rosy as other times and we have no control over this, but with our one-off listing fee your listing will continue working well into the future when things level out again.

Listings on directories like ours still play an important role in the process of developing and maintaining an online presence which is why web designers and digital media marketing companies continue to list their clients businesses on the directory.

With listings priced at just £30 (incl.VAT) why not join us for another 15 years - that's £2 a year, about the price of 1 click on pay-per-click advertising channels!

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Partner with TCOB

If you're looking to place advertising on behalf of clients please get in touch for details of bulk package discounts for resellers.

For example, order 5 listings at a time for just £120 including VAT. The details of businesses you wish to list can simply be entered into a CSV document and emailed over rather than submitted one at a time via the online form.

TCOB Ltd - Taking Care of Business
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